Button Down Casual Shirts
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Button Down Casual Shirts

It may seem that you’re just not able to style yourself into a short sleeve button down shirt. It’s true that for many of the formal dress shirts, such as a tuxedo shirt, they have to be buttoned up all the way, but when it comes to the short sleeve shirts, like a shirt or a casual dress shirt, they can be buttoned down partially or even completely. There are several different occasions where you might want to wear a button down shirt, and even several different kinds of button down shirts. Here is a look at a few of the occasions where you might want to wear these.

One of the first places where you will find these types of shirts is at the office. Companies have dress codes for their employees that need to follow, and sometimes these rules are very lenient, like wearing a button down shirt to the gym. Other times, the company might require employees to wear a tuxedo every day. Regardless of what kind of business you work in, there is likely a policy requiring employees to wear casual shirts with dress trousers. If your company doesn’t have any formal dress codes or doesn’t specify how long your shirt should be worn with a suit, a short sleeve button down shirt is acceptable. You’ll also find that most companies have a formal attire policy that requires employees to wear a short sleeve shirt or blouse under a jacket before they are permitted to enter into the conference room.

Another occasion where short sleeve shirts are appropriate is during sports events. Football games are usually played in the fall, and almost always the players are required to wear short sleeve shirts. The same goes for basketball and baseball games. Many college games are also played in the fall and winter, and teams must have uniform shirts available for the games. Whether it is a high school, college or professional team game, most players will be required to wear a short sleeve shirt when playing.

Business casual is often synonymous with office attire. It is appropriate for many business professionals, although men’s short sleeve button-down shirts aren’t always necessary. Office workers will typically wear a t-shirt or sport jacket over a button down shirt with dress trousers combo. Business casual is also sometimes used when people refer to their workplace attire as being more dressy like the office. People working in offices with a more casual feel are not necessarily used to seeing people in suits all the time.

For those who don’t work in an office, but still want to wear a professional looking shirt, a pair of men’s short sleeve button-downs can be worn. A nice tailored suit would be better, but professional look is a good option as well. Remember that men’s casual short sleeve shirts aren’t necessarily always made from wool or silk. Some styles are made from lighter fabrics such as cotton or even lighter jute. Jute and cotton are the most common fabrics for men’s casual short sleeve button-downs.

If the occasion or event calls for a suit, a traditional button down shirt with a dress trousers combination is always a classic choice. The shirt collar should not be pulled up, as this can give the appearance of a brush against the neck. Instead, the collar should remain flat to create a line along the neck. Pins front and back to hold the buttons firmly in place is essential.

Casual button-down shirts are ideal for athletic men who want to create a casual look, but still feel professional. Athletic men often prefer button-down blazers as they are comfortable to wear in hot weather and allow a wide range of movement. The style of button-down blazers varies, but there is a sporty and smart line to them. Sport blazers are generally made from lighter fabrics such as cotton, so they are also good for summer.

Button down shirts are an old favourite when it comes to formal occasions. They are a great choice for weddings, corporate affairs, dinner parties, and even for visiting relatives. A quality, well-fitting blazer with a suitable casual shirt will complete any look. The style and design of a blazer will match the shirt collar and can even compliment the shirt’s colour.

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