Casual Button Down Shirts - What You Need to Know
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Casual Button Down Shirts – What You Need to Know

Casual button down shirts have been a year round standard for the casual closet. They are the go to shirt that just as easily goes with almost anything and the dependable, stylish, everyday staple. The secret to a great casual shirt is always the perfect fit. Everyone has a plethora of different fit choices, sleeve length choices and range of neck sizes. But there are still ways to make a great casual shirt and they start with the basics…

When buying a casual button down shirt take a look at the shoulders. A casual blouse that stops right above the collar or a coat should not stop at the collar. The casual blouse should have sufficient length to the wearer at the waist and at the widest part of the shoulders. The casual jacket is an important element in any wardrobe, whether for business or pleasure. It’s just as important in casual shirts as it is in jackets for business suits. Choose a style that is a bit more form fitting.

When choosing a casual button down shirt keep in mind the color and pattern options available. Whether the casual jacket is a vest, a checkered pattern or some other design, this will set the tone for your entire casual wardrobe. Remember to coordinate the buttons and collars on your casual blouse with the buttons on your casual jackets.

Choose a fabric that breathes well for a comfortable feel against the skin. Lightweight or delicate fabrics can work quite well for a casual button down shirt. Heavyweight fabrics can create a bit of a cold feeling in warm weather when worn over a light top. In cooler climates the lighter fabric can be more appropriate and allow your body to breathe.

Keep in mind that you can often find button up shirts in a variety of colors including grey, red, blue, black and white. When you are choosing a color, remember that solid colors are less formal than patterns. For a more casual look try going with a solid blue or black button down shirt over a white or gray blouse. Black is also a great color for button down jackets and looks great when paired with other colors.

The collars on the casual shirts can vary greatly. There are standard collars that are often seen on shirts. You may have other types of collars that are specific to the type of occasion. For instance, you would have sport casual collars on a sporting event. Your collars will be stiffer and meant to minimize the amount of motion you create with your hands when carrying out your daily activities. Your dress shirts will generally be a bit looser and relaxed, with looser collars perfect for a fun night out.

The material that your casual shirt is made from will also differ between different brands. Most brands will use either cotton or polyester as the material for their shirts. While these materials are great for everyday clothes, they are not so great for a casual shirt. Cotton has a very loose feel to it, while polyester does not. This means that you should usually choose a cotton based on your body type and personality, and a polyester based on the brand that you are buying the casual shirts from.

Now that you know a little more about casual button down shirts, you are ready to make your selection. Remember to take your body type into consideration, as well as the style of your button down shirt. Also make sure to choose a solid color, as this will help to accentuate your frame. If you are wearing a shirt with a pattern, make sure that the color of the shirt matches the pattern that you have chosen. Taking all these factors into consideration, will ensure that you will be happy with your casual button down shirt choice for many years to come.

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