Dress Up With a British Army Shirt
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Dress Up With a British Army Shirt

British Army clothing has some distinctive design features. The first British Army shirt was a basic, formal pattern collared work shirt with a waistband. An original 1947 worn by British Army soldier’Kenunex’ was an original pattern collared work shirt with a waistband. The second pattern was an upgrade from the first design to a waistband like shirt with a buttoned pocket. This design of shirt also came into widespread use at that time to replace the previous belt-less shirt with a waistband.

The third pattern saw the introduction of pleated sleeve and piping for the collars. This came about because many soldiers had already suffered injuries on the battlefield and the length of their sleeves was restricting their movements. ‘Briggs’ as it was called was the term used for the sleeve piping and the term frill is generally used to describe the pleated sleeve now. The fourth pattern saw the first use of a pocket on the inside of the shirt.

During the Second World War, the Third Army (the ‘Allies’) introduced a new design of collared shirts to be worn by its servicemen. These shirts had a much shorter length and were hemmed at the ankle. In the center of the shirt there was a place where a hook could be hooked, to fasten a belt. This was also to incorporate a pocket for an identification tag. British Army tunics underwent radical changes during the war, when they were designed to better meet the needs of the troops.

The trench coat of today is actually quite different from the tuxedo of old. A coat of this design is more worn as a casual wear, and is seen much more commonly in women’s clothing. British Army tuxedos are much smarter suits, often containing a waistcoat and a jacket and tie. This design is more formal than the ladies tuxedo, which tends to be a lighter color and has a shorter length. The British army suit is seen in formal events like funerals and weddings as well as informal get-togethers.

The classic army shirt design includes one sleeve, collar and cuffs, all of which reach to the top of the shirt. A buttoned breast pocket or some type of hook and loop fastening is found on both sides of the shirt collar. The classic design has been reproduced in modern styles, with the most popular being a buttoned collar with a placket that covers the front of the shirt. Some also feature pleated sleeves and a cuffs made of corduroy, while others have none at all.

The British Army shirts are made from fabrics such as silk and cotton. They are typically not machine washable, but can be hand washed. British military shirts are often the same shade of green as their uniforms, with beige or khaki shades being used for dress uniforms and white for desert wear. The actual design of the shirt may vary slightly between different versions, such as the design on the breast pocket or whether or not the cuffs are rolled up or down. This is especially true with the cuff design, which will either have a button or snap closure.

Most military shirts feature the classic cuffsleeve design where the sleeve is rolled up to your wrist. This type of sleeve design is widely worn by British Army personnel in their ceremonial regalia, though many officers prefer a buttoned sleeve design. The sleeve itself can feature different designs, including argyle and pullover designs. British Army shirts are traditionally dark in color, though some regiments have introduced a brighter color scheme in order to conform to current fashion trends. The actual design of the British shirt can vary considerably between different regiments, though the tradition remains the same of a white shirt with a colored collar worn by privates and a green shirt worn by higher ranking officers and lieutenants.

For both the British Army and the British National Army (BRA) there are many variations of the standard military shirt design. The actual style and design of the shirt will vary depending on the purpose for which it is being worn and what kind of dress code the wearer adheres to. Many people associate the British Army shirt with the iconic paratrooper movement that swept across Britain in the Second World War, and the history of the British Army shirt is a colourful one that dates back to at least the First World War. Today, many people enjoy choosing clothing from this era of British history, so if you have a love for British military regalia then the British Army shirt might just be the perfect choice for you!

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