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Vintage Shirt Men’s Fashion

Vintage shirts are a great way to add a bit of sophistication to your look, or even just to give you an added fashion boost. There are many different looks you can accomplish with vintage shirts, but some of them are more appropriate than others. Some of these looks include: formal shirt, preppy shirt, sporty shirt, and classic shirt. Each of these has its own unique style, and you will find that each one is appropriate for particular occasions. Let’s take a closer look at each of these looks and discover how you can pull them off with your wardrobe.

Formal Shirts – A formal shirt is an appropriate look for just about any event, and that includes formal business meetings as well as more casual events. The most popular look for a formal shirt is a button up styled shirt, which features the proper amount of sleeve length. You will find that this look is often paired with a nice suit and a crisp, clean shirt. You can also use this same look for more casual events, including denim or stretch pants, and paired with a simple blazer. A vintage t shirt will look nice along with this look, and if you are looking for a cleaner, more casual look, you may want to try a plain, single breasted t shirt.

Preppy Shirts – A preppy shirt is a great look to wear with more informal outfits, such as jeans and a casual T-shirt. The key to this look is to pair it with a solid color, such as a dark gray, and to wear a thinner fabric on the shirt than you would on a sporty shirt. This is an easy way to get the look without having to invest in an expensive top, since your shirt and your pants will give the preppy look all by themselves. For an added flair, you can add some bling or sparkle, such as beading, to your preppy shirt.

Sporty Shirts – A vintage t shirt that is in style isn’t just a casual piece of clothing that you wear to walk to work or play. The look can be applied to almost any casual wardrobe or even to a formal wardrobe. For instance, you can find vintage tees in just about every sport jersey possible, including but not limited to: football, golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, track and field, and even swimming. This means that you have a very reliable staple in your closet for just about any sport you want!

Casual Shirts – For the most basic of looks, consider pairing a vintage shirt with a pair of khakis or a nice dress trousers. You’ll get the vintage look without the hassle of added fabric, and your partner will probably look nice too! Wear a vintage shirt with dress pants to a dinner party, and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments for a very laid back outfit. Pair a white tank top with khakis and a vintage lace shirt for a super casual look that is easy to wear and look great all day long.

Sport Shirts – Another great thing about vintage shirts is that they are extremely versatile. Just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean that the cut, style, and fabric of the shirt has to stay this way. For example, you can easily jazz up a plain tee with a vintage cuffed shirt that features elasticized waist bands.

Totes – Finally, don’t forget the tote! Tote bags are another staple of every woman’s closet, and vintage t-shirts are no exception. Look for bags in soft colors, like black or brown, and don’t be afraid to venture into vintage shapes (books, squares, etc).

Vintage Shirts For Men are an essential for just about any look you want to try out. Whether you need a casual shirt for the couch or a formal tuxedo look for a night out, you can find just the thing you’re looking for in vintage tee shops. A great place to start looking for your next vintage shirt is via the internet – there are so many online vintage shops that stock a huge selection of men’s vintage clothing.

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